Mattebox image adjustments

Fully functional online demo

Try the slider!

Mattebox features professional adjustments, for control over color, exposure, saturation, gamma, vignette, and crop.

Thanks to a floating interface, the adjustments are never more than a tap away. Give them a try above!

Automatic highlight recovery

Mattebox automatically prevents highlights from blowing out as you use the exposure adjustment. Instead, your highlights roll off naturally, just like film. You get exactly the exposure you want, without any harsh, digitally clipped highlights. See the before and after below.

Professional B&W conversion

Serious B&W shooters have long used color filters or advanced B&W conversion filters to achieve their desired contrast. In Mattebox, this is as simple as adjusting color balance. Try a red filter for darker skies, or a blue filter for dark foliage. Check out the difference below.

Save and share your presets

Saving and loading presets couldn’t be easier. And because Mattebox shares its core with the web app, you can share your favorites with anyone in the world. If you tap a preset from the web, it launches the Mattebox app directly.

Nice gesture

Using multitouch gestures, you can control most of the image adjustments without any visual distraction. Check out the video below!

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