The philosophy of Mattebox

The soul of the Hexar, in the body of a phone.

The soul of the Hexar. In a brand new body.

When a camera is as simple as it is sophisticated, something remarkable happens: the camera seems to disappear. Instead of fumbling with settings, you just shoot. The camera becomes an extension of yourself, allowing you to focus on the subject.

With that in mind, I modeled Mattebox after the legendary Konica Hexar, a luxury point and shoot which is powerful enough for the professional photographer, yet easy enough for the complete beginner. With amazing image quality, intelligent controls and a clear, beautiful viewfinder, it’s easy to see why the Hexar still has a fanatical following.

I borrowed the Hexar’s moving brightlines, which discreetly indicate the aspect ratio and focal distance. From the Mamiya 7, I took the superimposed shutter speeds. Next, I created a custom dual-stage shutter release button. This gives you consolidated focus and exposure lock. Most importantly, I took the indefinable feeling of using the Hexar, and made I sure Mattebox gave me that same feeling.

With Mattebox, I finally feel that the iPhone can hold its own as a premium point and shoot. I still carry my Hexar and other cameras, but Mattebox is the only one I use every single day. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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