Photography First

The Mattebox viewfinder features just three powerful controls, arranged so they can be quickly adjusted with just your thumb. Because your camera shouldn't look like the console of a 747.

Dual-Stage Shutter

Like a normal camera, Mattebox lets you “half-press” to quickly lock focus and exposure. Just press to lock, and slide down to take the shot. It’s the fastest way to lock focus and compensate exposure. Learn More

Exposure Dial

Introducing the only true Exposure Dial on the App Store. For the first time, you can fine-tune your exposure in 1/3 stop increments. All thanks to the 1024 point matrix metering system in Mattebox. Learn More

One-Touch White Balance

Mattebox keeps white balance (overall color balance) locked, for consistency between shots. If you ever need to adjust it, just tap. Mattebox will neutralize the color and lock it there. Learn More

Live Filters

Mattebox is home to the world's best filters, and you can preview them all live in the viewfinder. After you take a photo, you can change or adjust the filter in the Editor, because Mattebox always saves your unfiltered original.


  1. IpanemaIpanema Ben Syverson
  2. BogartBogart Eugene Byrd
  3. Neopan 1600 grainNeopan 1600 grain Paul Pride
  4. SuedeSuede Eugene Byrd
  5. Sunkissed
    Ben Syverson
  6. FADING B&WFADING B&W Robert-Paul Jansen
  7. Simon HarperBrighter 1.1 Simon Harper
  8. 90°90° Ben Syverson

An Endless Supply of Beautiful Filters

Mattebox makes it easy to discover filters made by other users, or publish your own. When you send a filter to your friends, they can use it for free, right on the web—no app required! Learn More

Ben Syverson: Hey, check out my newest filter, Sunkissed!…


Non-Destructive Editing

Mattebox provides rapid access to a powerful set of adjustments. When you save an edited photo, it never overwrites your original. And you can always go back and keep editing right where you left off. Learn More


Mattebox Photoshop Lightroom

Incredible Adobe® Integration

I want Mattebox to fit into your workflow. That's why I gave Mattebox the ability to export filters as Adobe Photoshop® documents or Lightroom® Develop Presets. So you can use all your favorite Mattebox filters on the desktop, without any plugins. Learn More


If you're curious to know more, watch this short walkthrough video!


Mattebox UniversityArticles

Mattebox is easy to use without any instruction. But whether you want to get a quick overview or learn more about the advanced tools, Mattebox University will help you graduate to the next level. If you still have questions, contact me!

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