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Dual-stage shutter release

Like any pro camera, Mattebox lets you half-press the shutter release to lock the exposure and focus. You can then recompose and take the shot. You never need to move your finger or thumb from the shutter release. Just press to lock, and slide down slightly to take the shot.
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One-touch white balance

The white balance is locked by default in Mattebox, giving you complete consistency between shots. To change it, just tap on the dedicated WB button. It changes, then locks. Do a fast tap to change the WB only slightly, or a longer press to fully neutralize the color.
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Exposure info

Even with a minimalist viewfinder, Mattebox displays the selected shutter speed, ISO, focal distance and aspect ratio. A lock icon indicates when focus and exposure is locked.
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Canopy Kapok integration (coming soon)

Mattebox is a perfect match for Canopy’s Kapok iPhone case. Kapok’s dual-stage buttons have a true half-press, which maps directly to the AE & AF lock in Mattebox. Half-press to lock, then recompose, and fully press to take the shot.

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