Multitouch Gestures

The Mattebox Editor icons allow you to make corrective or creative adjustments to a photo in seconds. However, there’s an even faster way, using multitouch gestures. While editing, just tap to hide the interface.

One finger

Drag a finger across the screen to alter the Color Balance. With no interface to distract you, you can focus on your image completely.

Two fingers

Drag two fingers vertically to control Exposure, or horizontally to control Saturation.

Three fingers

Drag three fingers vertically to adjust Brightness, and horizontally to adjust Vignette.


Mattebox is smart enough to adapt as you change direction or the number of fingers touching the screen—you don’t need to lift your hand to start a new gesture.

Try dragging down with three fingers, then dragging up with two, and ending with one; it will lower Brightness, boost Exposure and adjust the Color Balance. That’s how you perform basic color correction in under three seconds.

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