Supported Features

Adobe® Lightroom® is a mature product with an incredible range of features, so not everything can be perfectly translated between a Lightroom Develop preset and a Mattebox filter. However, many of the most frequently used adjustments can be translated very well.

Exposure, Grain, Brightness, and Saturation

Exposure, Grain, Brightness, and Saturation and Saturation are translated fairly directly, but Mattebox doesn’t support Lightroom’s ability to control the saturation of different colors.


Vignette is mapped to Post-Crop Vignette in Lightroom, but Lightroom doesn’t support vignette color.

Color Balance

Mattebox and Lightroom use different methods to adjust Color Balance (White Balance), and as a result you may notice some differences on especially extreme adjustments. For example, if you use the Color Balance in Mattebox as a color filter for Black & White conversion, it may need to be adjusted after it’s imported into Lightroom.


The Curves tool (Point Curve in Lightroom) is a heavily used adjustment in both Lightroom and Mattebox. Because Mattebox and Lightroom operate in different color spaces, Curves can’t be directly exchanged. In particular, extreme curves from Lightroom may be clipped once they’re imported to Mattebox.

However, the overall look should translate very well. Mattebox Curves should export to Lightroom quite faithfully.

Parametric Curves from Lightroom can not yet be imported to Mattebox.

Read about the ideas behind Mattebox, in The Philosophy of Mattebox.