Mattebox to Photoshop

To create a Photoshop representation of a Mattebox Master and its Versions, use the action menu in the Library. Mattebox will save a Photoshop document to your Mattebox Roll—which can be accessed via iTunes File Sharing.

Stacks of Filters

When you open the document in Photoshop, you’ll see your original Master at the bottom, with each Version represented as a layer group of adjustment layers. You can now edit nearly every aspect of the Mattebox filter: Color Balance, Exposure, Saturation, Vignette, and Curves. Grain is not available as an adjustment layer in Photoshop, but can be added with the Noise filter. Crop is ignored.

The Layers Subgroup

If you create a Mattebox filter from Photoshop layers (see Photoshop to Mattebox), it will export to Photoshop with the original layers intact. If there was an adjustment layer Mattebox couldn’t import, it will be preserved but toggled off.


When you open your document, you may notice color banding, which is an artifact of 8 bit processing. Mattebox saves Photoshop documents as 8 bit to save disk space. To remove the banding, simply convert your document to 16 bit: choose the Image > Mode > 16 Bits/Channel menu item.

Find out how to import Adobe Photoshop adjustment layers as Mattebox filters, in Photoshop to Mattebox.