Mattebox is a labor of love, and I hope that shows. I handmade every last detail, including this site (and the software that made this site, and so on). If you’re curious to know why I would spend three years making yet another camera app for your iPhone, check out The Philosophy of Mattebox. In a nutshell, I think you deserve nice things.


However, while Mattebox may be the work of one crazy person, I certainly didn’t do it alone. It never would have been possible without the encouragement and support of my supremely talented wife, Susan Dwyer. Whether I was grinding through an 18 hour workday or on the verge of an iCloud-induced meltdown, she gave me perspective and helped me through it. Susan, this one’s for you.

Thank you

An extra special thanks to my core beta testers: Simon Harper, Robert-Paul Jansen and Paul Pride. They pushed me to refine the details, and cheered me up when I had to untangle a knot. In some ways they were more like product managers; Mattebox would be a completely different product without their feedback and guidance.

Simon, Paul and Robert-Paul were joined by a larger group of testers early in 2013. They helped me track down bugs and gave me invaluable feedback on features. In the process, this supergroup produced an utterly inspiring collection of filters and photos. Thank you to each of you!

Thanks to Jon Satrom, who can always help me see a solution—whether it’s right in front of me, or so far outside the box that it’s in a different, better universe.

Thanks to Nick Disabato and the small circle of indimidatingly talented people he assembled to hear me talk about Mattebox. That discussion had a profound impact on the app.

I also have to thank my users. Your overwhelming response to 1.0 convinced me that there was a market for a camera app that put photography first. And all of your tweets and emails have kept me going.

Finally, I owe my entire career to my mom, Peg Syverson. When she brought home that Mac SE in 1988, it changed both of our lives forever. Also, she gave me life—so, you know, that was a real career boost too.

– Ben

Read some legal acknowledgements, in Open Source Licenses.