Intro to

Mattebox is more than a camera app; it’s also a filter sharing ecosystem. Share a filter with your friends by sending them your filter’s unique link. They can then view and use your filter, right on the web. for the Desktop

On the desktop, click “Open” to load an image. Or, you can simply drag the photo onto the page. You can even drag a Adobe® Photoshop® curve preset into the window to apply a new Curve. for Mobile Devices

On your mobile device (iOS 6 or above), you can use as a simple camera app. Tap the camera icon to take a photo or load a photo from your library. To open a filter in the native Mattebox app, just tap the Smart App Banner at the top of the page.

Cutting Edge Technology uses brand new HTML5 technology, so there are still a few kinks. In particular, saved images have no metadata, and portrait orientation images from the camera may appear rotated. Hopefully these shortcomings will be addressed in future OS or browser updates.

In the meantime, is a fun and powerful way to exchange, preview and use filters.

See how flexible and powerful metadata can be, in Working with Metadata.