Lightroom in 60 Seconds

Many photographers use Adobe® Lightroom® software to organize and process their photos. Once you develop a set of Mattebox filters, you may wish that you could use them in Lightroom. Luckily, Mattebox is able to generate Lightroom Develop presets based on your filters.

Mattebox to Lightroom

To export a Lightroom preset, open the filter panel and tap the “•••” button on any filter. From there you can send the preset via email or iMessage.

Using the Preset

Copy the preset into your Lightroom develop preset folder, then restart Lightroom. Now you can easily apply it to any photo.

Lightroom to Mattebox

You can even import some aspects of a Lightroom preset as a new Mattebox filter. On your device, just choose Mattebox to open the preset file.


Not everything can be translated perfectly between Mattebox and Lightroom, but a translated filter or preset can give you a great starting point for further editing.

Discover which Adobe Lightroom features can be translated to and from Mattebox, in Supported Features.