Photoshop in 60 Seconds

Mattebox features powerful integration with Adobe® Photoshop® software.

Photoshop to Mattebox

You can import a Photoshop document into Mattebox to use as the basis for a filter. Open a photo in Photoshop, and apply a Curves or Levels adjustment layer. Then iTunes file sharing, email or Dropbox to get the file onto your device. When you open the document, Mattebox will create a new filter based on the adjustment layers from Photoshop.

Mattebox to Photoshop

You can also use the action menu in the Library to archive a Master and all of its Versions as a single Photoshop document. When you open this file in Photoshop, you’ll see your Master at the bottom. The filter from each Version is represented as a group of Adjustment Layers.

If a Version used a filter created from a Photoshop document, the original layers will be preserved. Just toggle the Layers group to see your original adjustment layers.

Learn how to save Photoshop files from Mattebox, in Mattebox to Photoshop.